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Basic Agreement
Section 1: Intent and Purpose

Section 1 - Intent and Purpose

1.01It is the intent and purpose of the Parties hereto to set forth herein the Basic Agreement covering wages, hours of work, and conditions of employment to be observed and to provide a procedure for the prompt and equitable adjustment of alleged grievances, to the end that there shall be no interruption or impeding of work, work stoppages, strikes or other interference with production during the life of this Agreement.

This collective agreement is also intended to promote harmonious and orderly relations between the Company, the Union and employees.

1.02The Agreement for an Insurance Program, the Agreement for a Pension Plan, and the Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan have been executed as separate agreements which shall continue in effect during the term of the Basic Agreement subject to their specific terms and conditions.

1.03The Company and the Union recognize the necessity of improving efficiency and productivity to enhance the competitive status of the facilities.

The Company agrees to make the reasonable and necessary capital expenditure. The Union agrees to contribute to the competitiveness of the facilities and work with the Company to enhance the competitive status of the facilities.

1.04The Company and the Union have agreed to review and implement changes in work organization that will enhance the efficiency and the productivity of the existing workforce.

The Company and the Union will work together to limit and possibly avoid the number of employees laid off.

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