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Basic Agreement
Section 10: Vacations

Section 10 - Vacations

  1. An employee shall be entitled to an annual vacation with pay in accordance with the following schedule, on the basis of his service at July 1st in each year:

    • One (1) year of service but less than five (5) years - Two (2) weeks.

    • Five (5) years of service but less than nine (9) years - Three (3) weeks.

    • Nine (9) years of service but less than fifteen (15) years - Four (4) weeks.

    • Fifteen (15) years of service but less than twenty-two (22) years - Five (5) weeks.

    • Twenty-two (22) years of service but less than thirty (30) years - Six (6) weeks.

    • Thirty (30) years of service or more - Seven (7) weeks.

  2. An employee who has not completed one (1) year of service as of July 1 will be entitled upon completion of his probationary period to one (1) day of vacation for each month of completed service as of July 1, to a maximum of five (5) days of vacation.

    Payment for such vacation shall be in accordance with Clause 10.05. The time at which vacation shall be taken shall be prescribed by the Company.

  3. An employee with thirty (30) or more years of service shall be entitled to fifteen (15) weeks of extended vacation with pay in addition to his regular vacation entitlement under 10.01(a) prior to his retirement date, less any vacation entitlement taken under this provision.

  4. An employee with twenty-two (22) years of service or more and who has accumulated one thousand and forty (1040) working hours in the vacation year shall be entitled to postpone up to a maximum of eight (8) weeks vacation and any such accumulated vacation shall be taken in the time immediately prior to that employee's date of retirement. All banked vacation shall be paid at the full rate as outlined in Clause 10.03(a).

  5. An employee may elect to schedule one (1) week of vacation entitlement in single days. Such vacation days shall be scheduled prior to the posting of the weekly work schedules and shall be scheduled subject to the needs of the operation.

10.02For the purpose of this section "vacation year" shall be as defined in letter re Vacation Pay.

The term "calendar quarter year" which is used in Clause 10.03(a) shall mean the periods of time outlined below:

Calendar YearCalendar QuarterPeriod of Time
2012FirstDec. 16/11 to Mar. 22/12
SecondMar. 23/12 to June 14/12
ThirdJune 15/12 to Sept. 20/12
FourthSept. 21/12 to Dec. 13/12
2013FirstDec. 14/12 to Mar. 21/13
SecondMar. 22/13 to June 13/13
ThirdJune 14/13 to Sept. 19/13
FourthSept. 20/13 to Dec. 12/13
2014FirstDec. 13/13 to Mar. 20/14
SecondMar. 21/14 to June 12/14
ThirdJune 13/14 to Sept. 18/14
FourthSept. 19/14 to Dec. 11/14
2015FirstDec. 12/14 to Mar. 19/15
SecondMar. 20/15 to June 11/15
ThirdJune 12/15 to Sept. 17/15
FourthSept. 18/15 to Dec. 10/15
2016FirstDec. 11/15 to Mar. 17/16
SecondMar. 18/16 to June 09/16

The term "vacation year" which is used in Clause 10.03(b) shall mean the periods of time outlined below:

Vacation YearPeriod of Time
2012June 17/11 to June 14/12
2013June 15/12 to June 13/13
2014June 14/13 to June 12/14
2015June 13/14 to June 11/15
2016June 12/15 to June 09/16

Nothing in this letter shall affect any employee's vacation entitlement which is determined under Clause 10.01 of the Basic Agreement.

It is understood that in the event that the above dates are changed as a result of any changes to the payroll system this Item will be amended accordingly. At that time the Company will meet with the Union to discuss such changes.

  1. Except as provided in Sub-Clause (b) hereof vacation pay for each week of vacation shall be established by multiplying the employee's average hourly earnings during the calendar quarter year immediately preceding the vacation by forty (40). Average hourly earnings shall mean the average of the standard hourly wage scale of the jobs that the employee has occupied during the quarter, plus shift premiums and Sunday premium.

  2. Vacation pay for each week of vacation shall be 2% of the employee's average standard hourly wage rate as per Appendix "B", during the vacation year, if the employee:

    1. Has been on leave of absence for reasons other than disability or Union business directly related to the bargaining unit, for more than a combined total of three hundred and fifty (350) hours during the vacation year, or

    2. Has worked less than one thousand and forty (1040) hours during the vacation year for any reason.

      Hours not worked during the vacation year while on Union business directly related to the Bargaining Unit shall also be deemed to be hours worked for the purpose of this provision.

  3. An employee shall receive 85% of his vacation pay for each week of vacation prior to the vacation being taken, if requested at least thirty days (30) prior to the beginning of the vacation period.

  1. An employee shall receive an additional payment equal to a percentage of the appropriate amount, as provided below, calculated under Clause 10.03 in respect to the length of vacation he is entitled to under Clause 10.01(a) depending upon the month when each such week of his vacation entitlement is taken:

    1. During the months of January, February, March, April, November and December -- 25%

    2. During the months of May, June, July, August, September and October -- 20%

  2. The appropriate payment as provided above for each such week of vacation entitlement will be determined on the basis of the month in which the first scheduled day of such week of vacation is taken.

  3. Such additional payment shall not apply to vacation pay for extended vacations provided in Clause 10.01(b) and Clause 10.01(c).

10.05An employee with three (3) months of service but less than one (1) year at July 1st shall be paid as vacation pay 4% of his earnings from the date of his employment to July 1st.

10.06An employee whose employment is terminated shall be paid vacation pay in the amount of 2% of his earnings since the preceding July 1st in respect of each week of vacation to which he was entitled on such July 1st, plus any payment to which he is entitled under Clause 10.04.

10.07The Company and Union agree that an employee may be scheduled for a week of vacation, commencing on any day of the last calendar week of December, even though such week of vacation may not terminate until after December 31st and providing that such week of vacation commences prior to January 1st.

The parties agree that any employee scheduled for vacation in accordance with the above, will be considered as having been properly scheduled and paid for such week of vacation on the basis that the week of vacation will be considered for all purposes to be a week of vacation entitlement in the calendar year in which it commenced. In addition, hours not worked while on such week of vacation shall be deemed to be hours worked for the purpose of Clause 10.03(b)(2).

10.08The Company recognizes the desirability of scheduling vacations during the summer months of the year and the objective will be to schedule as many weeks of vacation as practical during July and August.

The number of vacation weeks to be scheduled, business conditions and the availability of qualified employees for vacation relief are factors which must be considered in establishing vacation schedules.

The Company, however, will schedule two (2) weeks vacation entitlement for all employees having five (5) years service or more during the period between the week beginning with the first Sunday in June and the week beginning the third Sunday in September.

If it is practical for some Works and even in some divisions at the various Works to improve upon this schedule the Company will do so. If conditions beyond the Company's control prevent it from carrying out this commitment the Company will discuss the matter with the Union with the objective of working out suitable alternative arrangements.

10.09The Company will continue to ensure that, at the time that vacations are being scheduled, where it can be determined that an employee will be out of the bargaining unit for a period of at least three (3) months during the calendar year, such employees vacation time will not be included in the bargaining unit vacation schedule.

10.10The time at which the vacation of any employee shall be taken shall be prescribed by the Company. When a division is completely shut down, all employees qualifying for vacations with pay, normally will be required to take their vacations during the shutdown period. In any cases where the length of the vacation is greater or less than the shutdown period, the management will endeavour to make satisfactory arrangements. The Company shall finalize vacation schedules by February 28th of the current calendar year. Approved vacation taken, in its entirety, between January 1st and the last calendar day of February will not be deemed the employee's first pick.

10.11Employees whose vacation entitlement exceeds four (4) weeks, in accordance with Clause 10.01, may submit a request in writing, to the Company to receive payment for the portion of vacation entitlement exceeding four (4) weeks to a maximum of three (3) weeks. These requests shall be submitted to the Company in writing by January 15th. Vacation payouts will in accordance with 10.04(a)(ii).

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