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Basic Agreement
Section 11: Statutory Holidays

Section 11 - Statutory Holidays

11.01All employees covered by the Basic Agreement will receive a day's pay (computed under the provisions of Clause 11.03) for Christmas Day.

11.02An employee having at least thirty (30) days service shall receive a special allowance for the day on which New Year's Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day and Boxing Day is celebrated.

In addition to such holidays, eligible employees shall receive a Statutory Holiday Allowance for one (1) Floating Holiday to be scheduled in and around the Christmas/New Year's week. Prior to December lst of each year, the Manager and Local Union President/Unit Chair will endeavour to agree upon the date for the observance of such holiday. In the event that they are unable to reach agreement, the Manager will designate the date which is to be observed.

In order to qualify for the special allowance, an employee must work one (1) turn in the calendar month in which such specified holiday is celebrated. Days of scheduled vacation shall not be considered scheduled work days. Days spent on Union business shall be considered days worked.

11.03The special allowance shall be computed by multiplying the number of hours normally scheduled for a turn for the employee by the average hourly rate earned by him in the preceding pay period.

11.04An employee who qualifies for the special allowance and is required to work on such holiday shall not be entitled to such special allowance unless he reports for work accordingly and works the hours for which he is scheduled. If, however, the employee was prevented from so working by reason of absence, he shall be entitled to the special allowance, provided that he complies with the provisions of the Letter of Agreement Re Employee Absence.

11.05An employee who qualifies for the special allowance and is scheduled to work and works the hours for which he is scheduled on any such day, shall be paid for the time worked on such a day at one and one half (1 1/2) times his regular rate of pay in addition to such special allowance. Hours worked by such an employee in excess of the standard working day on any such holiday shall be paid at the rate of double time.

11.06For the purposes of Clause 11.02 and Clause 11.04 for a special allowance only, the Company will allow up to one (1) hour lateness per turn.

11.07Employees who do not qualify for the special allowance shall be paid at the rate of time and one half (1/2) for work performed on a day on which any such holiday is celebrated.

11.08The hours of the statutory holiday shall be the twenty four (24) hour period following the commencement of the day turn on the holiday unless some other twenty four (24) hour period is mutually agreed upon.

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