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Basic Agreement
Section 14: Leave of Absence

Section 14 - Leave of Absence

14.01An employee requesting a leave of absence shall apply to his Supervisor and if such leave is granted it shall be authorized in writing but shall not exceed one hundred eighty (180) days, provided, however, that if an emergency arises which prevents the employee on leave from returning at the end of the leave granted, he may apply for an extension.

  1. Not withstanding the above, an employee with fifteen (15) years of more of service may apply once for a special leave of absence at the time vacations are being scheduled for the following year subject to the following conditions:

    1. The employee's leave of absence must be taken in conjunction with the employee's remaining vacation entitlement in excess of two (2) week's vacation. An employee may request that the leave of absence be taken in conjunction with full vacation entitlement and,

    2. Leaves of absence and vacation may only be taken during the period October 1st to June 21st and,

    3. The employee must apply in writing to the Operations Manager.

    It is understood that the granting and scheduling of such leave of absence will be subject to the needs of operations and an assessment of the reasons for the request for leave.

14.02Upon written application to the Manager, the Company will grant extended leaves of absence, without pay, to not more than one (1) member of the Union to enable him to attend to the affairs of the Union. During any such leave of absence all service rights shall be retained except that service rights shall not be counted for the period of such leave of absence. Any such leave of absence shall not exceed six (6) months and not more than two (2) leaves of absence shall be applied for or granted in any calendar year regardless of the duration thereof.

Business of the Union

14.03Upon written application to the Manager at least two (2) weeks prior to the event, the Company will grant leave of absence to not more than two (2) employees from any one (1) division to attend to the business of the Union.

Notwithstanding the provisions of Clause 14.03, the Company shall be under no obligation to grant any leave of absence to attend to the business of the Union for more than:

  1. One (1) employee from any of the following areas:

    Die Room
    Annealers, or

  2. Two (2) employees from any of the following areas:

    3 Oil Temper Units and O.T.T. Continuous Wire Drawing Frame
    Rod Processing

It is also understood and agreed between the Parties that the granting of any leave of absence shall be subject to operating requirements. The Company agrees not to unreasonably withhold granting such leave of absence.

Special Leaves of Absence for Elected and Appointed Officials

  1. An employee who becomes a candidate or the senior campaign manager of a candidate for election to the office of provincial or federal member of parliament, or to the political office of Mayor, Regional Chairman, Aldermen or School Trustee will be granted a leave of absence for such purpose. In the event that an employee is appointed to or elected to any of the offices as set out above, the leave of absence for such employee will be extended for the period of time he serves in such office.

  2. In the event that an employee is elected as an official of the United Steelworkers or appointed by the District Director of the United Steelworkers as a staff representative of the Union, the employee, upon written request by the International Office of the Union, will be granted a special leave of absence for the term of his elected office or appointment.

  3. Company Service for any such employee as specified in Sub-Clause (a) or Sub-Clause (b) above shall be retained for the period prior to his leave of absence and, for the purposes of Section 7 Seniority only, shall accumulate during such leave.

  4. The Company will extend group insurance benefits (except weekly indemnity and L.T.D.) provided that any such employee pays the full premiums for such coverage.

  5. Credited Service for purposes of the Pension Plan shall include any calendar month during the whole of which any such employee is on such Leave of Absence as provided in Sub-Clause (a) or Sub-Clause (b) above. Pension benefits for an employee granted a leave of absence under Sub-Clause (b) above, who is elected as an official or appointed by the Union as a representative and who subsequently returns to full time permanent employment with the Company, will be calculated based on his accumulated Credited Service and the pension formula in effect at the date of his retirement on pension.

  6. For the purposes of Sub-Clause (b) above, it is agreed that not more than two (2) employees from Hamilton East will be granted special leave of absence for appointed or elected officials at any one time.

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