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Basic Agreement
Section 2: Recognition of Union

Section 2 - Recognition of Union

2.01The Company recognizes the Union as the exclusive collective bargaining agent for all the hourly rated employees of the Company at its Hamilton East facility, but excepting:

  1. Officials and other persons acting in a supervisory or confidential capacity or having authority to employ, discharge or discipline employees.

  2. Policemen and watchmen.

2.02The term "employee" or "employees" as used in this Agreement shall mean only such persons as are included in the above defined bargaining unit. Wherever the words referring to masculine gender are used herein, such as "he", "his", or "him", the same shall include and cover females and males.

2.03The Parties agree that:

  1. There shall be no intimidation of, and there shall be no discrimination against any employee either by the Company or the Union by reason of any activity or lack of activity, past, present, or future, with respect to Union affairs or membership.

  2. No meeting for any purpose of the Union shall be held on the Company's premises except as permitted by the Company.

  3. No Union activity shall take place or be permitted on the Company's premises on the part of any employee during his working hours or on Company time (save as expressly authorized by this Agreement) or in such manner or place or at such time as may interfere with or distract or divert any other employee or employees during their working hours or on Company time.

  4. The Union shall not distribute or cause to be distributed any handbills, pamphlets, dodgers, Union publications or the like, on Company premises except as permitted by the Company.

2.04Supervisors will not do work ordinarily performed by employees except for:

  1. Instruction and training of employees, and

  2. Emergency work when employees are absent or not available when required.

    For the purposes of this clause, "emergency work" will mean a situation that requires immediate action to be taken to correct a health and safety situation, correct an environmental situation, or prevent a shut-down, when qualified members of the workforce are not available to provide the required skills/service within the necessary time frame.

2.05It is recognized that the Company may place non-bargaining unit personnel on bargaining unit jobs for the purpose of providing training for non bargaining unit positions. It is understood that employees will not be displaced thereby and nothing herein shall be deemed to waive the provisions of Section 7. The Company will notify the Union in writing of any personnel hired or selected for such training.

2.06In recognition of the desirability of improving communications between the Union and the Company to facilitate solutions of mutual problems which may arise during the term of the Agreement, the parties agree as follows:

  1. The Union President/Unit Chair of Hamilton East facility will perform Union-related activities for five (5) days of every ten (10) day period based on a Monday to Friday single turn operation. Any changes to the standard workday or workweek will be discussed with the Union President/Unit Chair prior to implementation. The job rate of the Union President/Unit Chair is two job classes higher than the highest bargaining unit job class in effect at Hamilton East.

    The Union President/Unit Chair shall form part of the weekly schedule designated as Union President and will be assigned on a daily basis in accordance with the needs of the operation. The incumbent shall not displace or be displaced by another employee in accordance with the seniority provisions of the Basic Agreement.

  2. It is agreed that such paid hours are not limited to but shall include attendance at:

    • Senior Committee
    • Grievance Committee
    • Item 3 Committee
    • CWS Committee
    • Job Combination
    • Contracting Out Committee
    • Other meetings agreed to by the parties

  3. Continuation of (a) above is subject to quarterly review and may be revoked by the Company at any time following discussion with the International Representative, U.S.W.

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