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Basic Agreement
Section 3: Collection of Union Dues

Section 3 - Collection of Union Dues

3.01During the term of this Agreement, the Company agrees to deduct union dues from the wages of each employee who has authorized such deduction and shall forthwith remit the amounts so deducted to the International Treasurer of the Union, notwithstanding any changes in legislation that may release the Company from its obligation to do so.

3.02Such deduction shall be made from the wages payable to each employee. In the event that such wages are insufficient to pay Union dues, the Company shall notify the Financial Secretary of the Union of the name of any employee whose wages were insufficient to permit such deduction, and shall not be obligated to make such deduction from subsequent wages.

3.03The amount of Union dues to be deducted shall be the regular membership dues duly authorized by the constitution of the Union. The Financial Secretary of the Union shall notify the Company by letter of the amount of such dues and any changes therein, and such notification shall be the Company's conclusive authority to make the deduction specified.

3.04The Company shall provide a list to the Financial Secretary of the Union on a bi-weekly basis. The list shall contain:

  1. The name of each individual in the bargaining unit from whom dues were deducted and the amount of dues deducted from each and the totals of such amounts.

  2. The amount by which any individuals are in arrears with their dues payment and the apparent reason for such arrears.

  3. The gross bi-weekly earnings of each employee and the total of such amounts, and the average hourly earnings of each employee from whom dues were deducted.

  4. The number of straight time hours, overtime hours, vacation hours and all other allowances the employee has earned in the pay period and year to date totals.

3.05All employees hired during the term of this Agreement, shall, as a condition of employment, be required to execute an authorization for deduction of their Union dues, in the form hereinafter provided. Such authorization, and all authorizations in effect on or after the signing date of this Agreement, shall not be revocable subject to the provisions of this Agreement.

3.06An authorization by an employee shall be deemed to be revoked:

  1. Upon termination of employment, or

  2. Upon permanent/temporary transfer out of the bargaining unit.

    The authorization shall automatically be reinstated if, in the former case, the former employee is recalled in accordance with Clause 7.11 hereof, or, in the latter case, he is transferred back into the bargaining unit.

3.07Authorization for deduction of Union dues shall be in the following form.

3.08Authorization shall be witnessed by an officer, chief steward, or steward of the Union or by a representative of the Company, and shall be signed in duplicate, one (1) copy being held by the Company and the other by the Union.

3.09The Company shall deduct and remit Union dues as aforesaid but shall not be under any obligation to do so unless there is a Collective Agreement in full force and effect between the Company and the Union.

3.10In consideration of the deducting and forwarding of Union Dues by the Company, the Union agrees to indemnify and save the Company harmless against any claim or liability arising out of or resulting from the operation of this section.


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