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Basic Agreement
Letter 11: Employee Training Program

Item 11 - Employee Training Program

The Company has always recognized the importance of providing training opportunities for employees so that they could improve their skills and advance to jobs of greater responsibility and higher pay.

Now, because of changing conditions, and in particular, changing technology, new approaches to and expansion of employee training are required. The Company has, therefore, agreed with the Union to expand and enlarge its efforts to provide training opportunities for employees so that they can equip themselves for advancement.

It is mutually recognized that there are many complicated practical problems involved and enlargement of training opportunities must, therefore, be approached on an experimental basis and on the understanding that certain procedures or methods may not work satisfactorily and might have to be changed from time to time, and others tried.

On this basis the Company has agreed with the Union to expand the scope of opportunities for training, and the parties agree to co operate to this end as follows:


If practical and subject to operational requirements, the training of journeymen through apprenticeship will be increased by enrolling additional apprentices in existing Apprentice Programmes.

Trade or Craft

The existing procedure is that trade or craft employees, other than graduates from the Apprentice Programmes, are required to take trade tests in all cases before being upgraded. It is agreed that henceforth the qualifications required for upgrading toward a higher rate will be determined by supervisory assessment. If supervision determines that the employee does not have the necessary qualifications for advancement, the results of the determination will be discussed with the employee and suggestions as to how qualifications might be improved will be made, and ways and means of carrying out such suggestions will be explored with the employee.

If the employee does not agree with the determination made, he may request and shall receive a trade test.

Other Occupations

The Company will explore the possibilities of improving training opportunities for assigned maintenance, service groups and other occupations not specifically referred to in this programme.

Trainee Requirements

An employee who receives training on production or other occupaªtions will be required to:

  1. Complete the prescribed number of learner periods.

  2. Apply for any posted job vacancy in the job for which he has been successfully trained.

Technological Change

Both parties recognize the importance of lessening as much as reasonably possible the effects of technological change upon the job security and the earnings of employees older in service who may be displaced from their jobs as a result of such change. If any such employee incurs any substantial loss of earnings because of lack of training, the Company will give special consideration to retraining him with a view to attaining as closely as possible the job classification level which he held before displacement.

Outside Educational Courses - Tuition Reimbursement Programme

The Company proposes to increase its promotion of this programme whereby employees are encouraged to improve their vocational development in the Company through educational courses. Where the employee attends such a course with the advance approval by the Company, he will be reimbursed the full amount of the regular tuition fees and materials, books and testing upon evidence that he has satisfactorily completed the course. Where the Company instructs the employee to take a course as part of his job duties, all expenses will be paid by the Company.

Extension courses offered by accredited universities, high schools, technical training centres, and professional associations are eligible. To be approved by the Company, the course must be of a type that can reasonably be expected to improve the performance and development of employees in relation to their careers in the Company but is not required to be wholly vocational.

Governmental Training Assistance & Educational Programmes

The Company will explore the feasibility of providing programmes of instruction to facilitate any required upgrading of basic educational qualifications. Various levels of government have in recent years increasingly concerned themselves with industrial training. The Company commits itself to investigating the various training facilities of the Ontario and Federal Departments of Governments and utilize such facilities and services to the extent that it is practicable. In addition, the Company will continue to explore the feasibility of making additional programmes of instruction available to employees in order to upgrade of basic educational or trade qualifications.

In view of the experimental nature of this programme, it is understood it does not constitute part of the Basic Agreement. While differences of opinion and mutual problems will be discussªed by the Company with the representatives of the Union from time to time, at the request of either party, it is agreed that nothing herein shall be subject to the Grievance Procedure nor shall it be arbitrable.

The Company commits itself in good faith to endeavour to solve the many complex problems of training. While this programme is to be regarded as experimental and thus subject to change as the result of experience, it is understood that such portions as may be found to be practicable and mutually acceptable will be incorporated in the next and subsequent Basic Agreements.

Company Posted Training Opportunities

  1. When the Company deems the need for training on a job, an opportunity to train for such job vacancy will be posted and filled considering a) service b) physical fitness. Where factors a) and b) are relatively equal, factor a) shall govern.

  2. If there are no applicants to the "Training Vacancy", nothing herein shall preclude the Company from assigning the junior employee in the division who is occupying a lower job class to the training vacancy after canvassing junior employees and discussing the circumstances with the Union.

  3. If the Company trains an employee for other than a permanent job vacancy, nothing herein shall preclude his right to return to his former job upon completion of his training period.

  4. Employees shall not be considered for training vacancies more than once (1) per year unless agreed to between the parties.

  5. An employee appointed to a training vacancy will be required to complete the training on the essential duties of the job.

  6. An employee appointed to a training vacancy will be required to apply for any vacation relief vacancy or permanent vacancy in the job description(s) for which he has been trained for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the commencement of training.

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