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Basic Agreement
Letter 14: Employee`s Service For Recall Purposes

Item 14 - Employee`s Service For Recall Purposes

The following example confirms the understanding between the Company and the Union with regard to the interpretation of service for recall purposes:

The issue is best demonstrated by the following examples:

Employee A - Company Start Date - January 1, 1977
Employee B - Company Start Date - April 1, 1977
On January 1, 1980, A and B were laid off indefinitely. "A" was recalled to work on July 1, 1981 and was laid off July 31, 1981.

In accordance with the terms of the Basic Agreement, "A" was given credit for the first twelve (12) months of his layoff. The result was an adjusted Company Start Date for "A" of July 1, 1977 (i.e. he received no credit for the layoff from January 1 to June 30, 1981).

On November 1, 1981, there was an increase in operations which required the recall of one employee either "A" or "B".

"A" - Adjusted Company Start Date - July 1, 1977
"B" - Company Start Date - April 1, 1977

It is clear from this example that "A" would suffer a real inequity if his adjusted company start date were compared directly to "Ebb's company start date. Such a comparison would reverse the relative seniority position of the two employees.

The key consideration in such a comparison must be the amount of accumulated service rather than a relative start date which does not necessarily reflect an employee's service for "recall purposes".

In determining a laid off employee's service for recall purposes, the comparison should be the amount of service between the employee's (adjusted) company start date and his last date of layoff.

Service for Recall Purposes

Employee A: July 1, 1977 to July 13, 1981 = 49 months
Employee B: April 1, 1977 to January 1, 1980 = 33 months

It is clear from the above calculations that "A" continues to have more service and is the employee who should be recalled.

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