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Basic Agreement
Letter 15: Tool Allowance

Item 15 - Tool Allowance

The Company will determine and supply those tools required by an apprentice enrolled in a Trade or Craft apprenticeship course and an employee receiving training under an Assigned Maintenance Training Programme, where the total cost of such tools equals or exceeds one hundred and fifty dollars ($150).

An individual whose employment is terminated prior to or within three (3) years following the successful completion of his apprenticeship course or training programme will be required to reimburse the Company fifty percent (50%) of the cost of such tools.

The Company will also pay fifty percent (50%) of the cost of a required tool which is broken in the performance of normal duties by a Trade and Craft or Assigned Maintenance employee where the total cost of the tools required by such employee equals or exceeds two hundred ($200) and where the cost of the broken tool exceeds ten dollars ($10) up to a total annual cost of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150). The broken tool must be submitted at the time the employee obtains a replacement tool.

Where, in accordance with the above provisions, the Company requires an employee to purchase metric tools, the Company agrees to subsidize the cost of such tools less any government rebate to which the employee may be entitled.

The Company will determine, select, order, and make available as it considers necessary, such tools for purchase by Trade and Craft and Assigned Maintenance employees.

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