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Basic Agreement
Letter 17: Vacation Relief Vacancies

Item 17 - Vacation Relief Vacancies

  1. Where it can be determined that a vacancy exists for the purpose of "Vacation Relief, notice of such vacancy will be posted and filled in accordance with Clause 7.10(a). Any employee in the Division concerned may apply in writing to his supervisor within such three (3) working days. The Company will endeavour to post and award such jobs by January 31st of the calendar year.

    Only fully qualified applicants will be considered for Service Division postings.

  2. An employee appointed to a "Vacation Relief" vacancy will be required to:

    1. Fill any "vacation relief" vacancy and/or long term absences in the job description to which he is appointed for the calendar year in which he is required for vacation relief.

    2. Apply for any posted permanent job vacancy in the job description for which he is assigned as "vacation relief" in the calendar year, if he has to be trained for the job.

    3. Complete the prescribed number of learner periods.

  3. It is agreed and understood that an employee may not hold more than one (1) "vacation relief" assignment for a calendar year but may apply for any new occupation vacation relief vacancy not previously posted for that calendar year.

  4. When a "vacation relief" job is no longer required by the Company, the employee appointed to such job will return to the job on which he is a permanent incumbent.

  5. While occupying a "vacation relief" job, an employee may apply for a permanent vacancy in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Basic Agreement. For the purpose of consideration for a permanent job vacancy, he will be considered as currently occupying the job on which he is a permanent incumbent.

  6. An employee who is temporarily transferred while occupying a "vacation relief" job will be paid in accordance with Clause 6.45. For the purpose of Clause 6.45 his "regular job" will be the job on which he is a permanent incumbent.

  7. For the purpose of point (6) above, an employee is a permanent incumbent of a job which he is occupying as a result of:

    1. Appointment to a permanent vacancy

    2. Transfer in lieu of layoff

    3. Permanently transferred

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