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Basic Agreement
Letter 29: Employee Absences

Item 29 - Employee Absences

It is understood that when an employee is absent from work it is the employee's obligation to notify the Company of such absence in advance of the start of the scheduled shift where possible. Notification of an absence shall be given to the employee's foreman and in the event that the foreman is not readily available, notification shall be made to another designated person in the division. Such notification shall specify the nature, reasons, and expected duration for such absence.

It is an employee's obligation to justify such absence which, at the request of the Company, (where sickness is claimed) will require the employee to produce a doctor's certificate. When an employee is required to produce a doctor's certificate, the note must be evidence of the employee's need to be absent in order to be considered as justification for the absence.

The Company will not request a note where it could have no probative value such as after an absence where the employee has not seen a doctor; where an employee has maintained that he saw a doctor during his absence where sickness is claimed, the Company may properly request a doctor's note.

Failure to notify or justify any absence shall constitute an unjustifiable absence.

It is understood that this Letter of Agreement shall apply in all cases of absence including those absences specifically dealt with under various provisions of the Basic Agreement. An employee who reports for work on a qualifying turn under Clause 11.02 or Clause 11.04 more than one (1) hour after the start of such turn and whose absence due to lateness is justified in accordance with this letter will not be disqualified from receiving the special allowance under Clause 11.02 and Clause 11.04.

Where an employee returns to work after an absence and has not given notice to his division supervisor of his planned return in time to be placed on the weekly schedule, the Company will not be obliged to return the employee to his regular job immediately upon his return. The Company will endeavour to return such employee to his regular job, but where it is not practical to do so, the employee may be temporarily transferred to alternate work.

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