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Basic Agreement
Letter 31: Preferential Hiring

Item 31 - Preferential Hiring

The Company will give preferential consideration to a person who has been laid off from a Works of the Company, and who possesses recall rights, for purposes of hiring into permanent vacancies at another Works in the same geographic area, including ArcelorMittal Dofasco Inc., provided that such person is physically fit and possesses the necessary basic skills to perform the available work. In order to be eligible for such consideration, the former employee must make special application to the Company so as to declare his interest for alternative employment. Such applicants shall be assessed on the basis of their former service. In this regard, the Company agrees to the following:

  1. The Human Resources Department telephone number and address at each plant of the Company will be provided by the Company to each laid off employee;

  2. Upon being laid off, an employee will be provided an employment application form;

  3. The Company will notify the appropriate local Union(s) of any new employment opportunities as soon as practicable prior to hiring with monthly update;

  4. Each plant Industrial Relations Department will prepare a listing of former employees on layoff and their general skills. Such listing will be supplied to all plants and local Unions in the geographic area. The Company shall accept application from the laid off employees, and forward them to the plant that the laid off employee has designated on the application form.

If an eligible laid off person is subsequently hired by the Company at another Works, he will be granted service for purposes of Pension, Group Insurance, Vacation Entitlement and Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan credits, provided such person successfully completes the normal probationary period in effect at the new Works. It is understood and agreed that an employee who fails to waive his recall entitlement to his former Works before the completion of his probationary period will be terminated, and ineligible for any further consideration in accordance with these provisions. Where an employee has waived his recall entitlement during his probationary period, and is subsequently terminated by the Company prior to the completion of such probationary period, the employee's waiver of recall entitlement to his former Works shall be declared null and void.

Transfer of Operations

It is further understood and agreed that employees at a Works who are laid off as a result of the transfer by the Company of equipment from one (1) Works to another, will be given preferential consideration for new employment, in accordance with the above provisions.

In the event of the future hire of such person in accordance with these and the above provisions, full Company service will additionally be provided for the sole purpose of determining the period of recall entitlement, should such person be laid off from the new Works.

Relocation Assistance

The Company agrees to jointly investigate with the Union any entitlement that an employee may have, who is hired in accordance with the above provisions, for financial relocation assistance as a result of available Federal or Provincial programs.

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