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Basic Agreement
Letter 39: Group Insurance/Pensions

Item 39 - Group Insurance/Pensions

The following will serve to confirm our understanding with respect to the above-cited topic:

Group Insurance:

The Company shall pay on behalf of each employee who has completed probation, the cost of the following benefits:

Dental Care, Vision Care, Life Insurance, Weekly Indemnity, Hearing Loss, Long Term Disability, Healthcare, and Accidental Death and Dismemberment.

All of these benefits set out above shall be provided in accordance with, and as more particularly described in the respective plans and policies. These plans and policies do not form part of the Collective Agreement between the parties. Any disagreements as to the payment of these benefits under such plans shall be resolved pursuant to the dispute settlement provisions of these plans or policies.

The Company will have the right to select the carrier of its choice with respect of any of the above benefits, provided that in the event that the carrier is changed, an equivalent level of benefits and conditions is maintained.


The Company agrees to maintain a Pension Plan with contributions and benefits equivalent to that currently in existence. The terms of the Plan do not form part of the Collective Agreement. Any disagreement as to payment of benefits under the Pension Plan shall be resolved pursuant to the dispute settlement provisions in that Plan.

A dispute arising with respect to the obligation of the Company to provide for benefits under a Group Insurance Plan and/or the obligation to maintain a Pension Plan as outlined above, will be arbitrable under the provisions of Section 8 of the Basic Agreement.

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