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To the management at ArcelorMittal Hamilton east. 

 I, like most of my coworkers are wondering what is going on with pathway that you have dubbed the green mile. 

 First, do you know that the green mile is a Steven King story about an inmate on death row. And the last walk he will take to the electric chair is called the green mile. 

 Although this nickname is kind of fitting as you are pushing your employees into an unsafe and dangerous position. 

 You used industrial Machine paint on the floor. All this will do is make the floor more of a slipping hazard. 

Good evening all.  

 I just want to thank Guy Suttonwood for all his efforts with the health and safety team and a very happy retirement 

 Over the last few months its been a very challenging time for the health and safety team and our executive members. I'd like to take this time to explain all the trouble we have encountered.  

           Right to Refuse Unsafe Work

If you have an issue on your job that is serious and requires immediate attention then remember you have the "Right to Refuse Unsafe Work". When exercising your Right, remember this:

  • Inform the supervisor that you are Refusing to Work because it is unsafe,