President's Message - April 3, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Hi all. 

 We are facing some challenging times and I’m sure most of you have heard, it so I won’t sugarcoat anything! 

 We dealt with some serious cut backs today  in oil temper, bundle,  #2 cleaning line and shipping/Rod and bar. Wire draw is running pretty much full out for the time being. 

 Unfortunately I don’t have a schedule as the company would not send it until they contacted those being laid off. 

 For those that do get laid off, my heart goes out to you all!! I know the feeling to well. Under the COVID-19 INFO tab is information from the USW Adjustment Center on EI and what you need to know and if you need assistance. 

 As far as the SUB agreement, Supplementary Unemployment Benefit,  to be eligible, you must be on lay-off and have 18 months of service. You must qualify for EI to receive SUB.  How this works is, you receive 1 credit for each full, 40 hour week of work after your 18 months. For example, if you have 20 months service, you would more than likely acquire 8 credits. The time from 18 months to time of lay-off.  Each credit gets you one week of SUB. SUB is paid at $150.00 per week until the fund is reduced to 35% at which time the payment is reduced to $100.00 per week. Once you have received confirmation you are in receipt of EI, you will forward that to HR and payroll will issue a direct deposit of the amount. 

 I hope to have the schedule some time tomorrow and I’ll send it out as soon as I get it. 

 Let’s stay strong hope and pray this ends soon. 

In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328