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United Steelworkers Local 5328


Recent News

Good evening members and retirees of USW Local 5328.  

Congratulations to all that were nominated and Acclaimed at last night Local 5328 Nomination meeting. 

The new executive starting May 2024 will be, 

President - Tony Ciaramella 

Vice President - Mike Hnatjuk 

Recording Sec. - Geoff Oberfrank. 

Financial Sec. - Carm Mancuso 

Treasurer - Jeff Walker 

Trustees - Matt Major
                 Aaron Harris 
                 George Haywood

Gaurds - Peter Junker 
               Shayne Yeaman 

Good Morning members and retirees of USW Local 5328. 

Well we made it to the end of 2023!! Some ups and downs but we survived another year of being busy, not busy, shipping crazy amounts, not shipping anything! A couple of unfortunate accidents that were life changing, but we are resilient and will deal with it to make our workplace safer!! 

Good Morning members and retirees of USW Local 5328. 

Info!! Please read and know your rights!! 


 Please check your pays!! Keep track of TT’s and your job class. There has been many discrepancies lately! 

 Overtime and hours of work

Good Morning members and retirees of USW Local 5328. 

Well the shutdown is upon us!! A much needed break!! 

 A reminder, Saturday July 1, Canada Day, will be observed today, Friday June 30 for 8 hour workers only. 

 For those working during the shutdown, if you are on a schedule of 8 or 12 hour shifts and being moved to another schedule, you are entitled to premium pay, overtime, for your first shift. Please check your pay statement after the shutdown.