President's Message - April 9, 2021

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good evening all. 

 Local 5328 wishes Andrew Chetwynd health and happiness in your new job!! Andrew has been our JHSC Co Chair for the last three years. We all knew he had very big shoes to fill as the position has been a strength with our Union. He did an amazing job filling those shoes and filled them perfectly!! He took the job very seriously  and had our best interest in mind. He  wore his heart on his sleeve! Thank you for the service you provided to our local and our members. 

 Welcome Rich Wood! Our new JHSC Cochair.   You too have big shoes to fill!! With the training and mentoring you received from Andrew, you will do just fine!! 

 I would like to officially welcome Jeff Walker to the Grievance and Negotiating team. Jeff brings 35 years of work experience and about 25 of those directly involved in local 5328. A great addition to our team!! 

 The negotiating team will be meeting in the coming weeks to prepare. Please note, the committee has each and every members best interests at heart!! There is no divide amongst our team! 

 We have seen a blitz in discipline and it’s not going to stop!! Please do not give them a reason!! I have relayed this over the last  few months. 

 Have all your PPE on including your face mask when working within 2 meters of another. Watch your breaks and lunch times! Use your micrometers!!! Check every coil you produce! Follow the control card for YOUR operation, not the next operation. If dies are an issue, contact your supervisor immediately! If he directs you to draw using the wrong die, get him to sign your control sheet. If he refuses to sign, call a union steward to witness! Follow all procedures! 

 The company has been given the green light to hire 4 for the oil temper. This is due to the exit a few brothers that decided to take another job. Thank you gentlemen! It’s been a pleasure to represent you. I wish you all good health and luck in your new job! 

 Have a great and safe weekend! 

In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328