President's Message - July 21, 2023

Good Morning members and retirees of USW Local 5328. 

Info!! Please read and know your rights!! 


 Please check your pays!! Keep track of TT’s and your job class. There has been many discrepancies lately! 

 Overtime and hours of work

 After review of the Employment Standards Act, the “overtime hours” or “hours of work”  have changed. The ESA states, the company and Union need to have an agreement to exceed 48 hours in a week, previously 60 hours. We have agreed to 72 hours in a week but all other ESA provisions apply. You must have 11 hours off between shifts, you must have 24 hours free from work in a 7 day period OR 48 hours free from work in a 14 day period. Overtime awarding procedures must be followed. The agreement is posted and will be reviewed in 6 months. 

 Stat days/Lieu days 

Again, after review of the Employment Standards Act, an employee has the right to a lieu day if a stat falls on their vacation day or their day off. The company can not pay out both, vacation day and stat day unless you agree. We have come up with a procedure that will be posted in the mill. Basically, when your booking vacation at the beginning of the year and it falls on a stat, you would declare your lieu day and if you want to book it at a later date, you can,  or book it at that point. We have choices!! 

 Reminder, there is a signing bonus of $500.00 being paid on Aug 1 as well as a .20 cent increase to our base wage. 

 Have a great and safe weekend!!

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328