President's Message - July 7, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

A message from Daren Green ( President of Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council )

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

 We are once again preparing for the start of the school year and we recognize that the need this year is even stronger than in the past because of the COVID pandemic and the loss of jobs in our area. For many families juggling rent, food and utilities alone is putting them in jeopardy. For many children the backpacks will be the only thing new they have on that first day back to school.

 Some of the facts:

-The unemployment rate in Hamilton as of June has grown to 10.6%.

-The City of Hamilton’s poverty rate was 15% of all residents, using the after-tax Low Income Measure poverty line and taxfiler data. Hamilton’s poverty rate to 20.5% among children.

-Poverty rates vary substantially among Hamilton’s former municipalities, but there are at least some individuals, families, children and seniors living in poverty in all parts of the city.

-Poverty is strongly linked to negative health outcomes and lower levels of life satisfaction.

-The strong influence income has on all income groups strengthens the need for improved income    redistribution policies to improve health and quality of life for all residents.

 For the Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council “community matters” and getting behind this campaign, is but one way we show it. While we have lost our major sponsor due to business condition we are determined along with all supporting partners to raise $36,000.00 this year so that we can offer 1,272 filled Back Packs to those who need them and we need your help in doing this.

 We are asking for Locals to dig deep in making a donation, you could also do a plant gate collection and you could sell raffle tickets in your workplace. We are asking you to get your employer involved by asking them to be a sponsor and if they are already, ask them if they can contribute a little bit more.

 You should understand that by donating you are indeed doing the work of the union. For many Steelworkers, lending a helping hand is part of being a member of our union. Outside of work, our members are known for their quiet generosity in their neighbourhoods. This isn’t about bragging for recognition, but to show how we are a union that works in our communities.

We’d like to thank you for your consideration and your past help. Cheques can be made out to Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council with the note: Operation Back Pack donation.

In solidarity,

Darren Dreen 
Hamilton Steelworkers Area Council