President's Message - March 19th, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Here’s the next update as we are meeting the company daily to discuss the Covid-19 situation and  guidelines for social distancing. 

 We agreed to continue with process but build and better it with meeting daily as well as employee input.Most training will cease as to create social distancing. 

 The company will eventually add temperature reading to screening at all shift changes once a proper thermometer is purchased.  

 I have asked the company to allow people to leave work once they are showered and changed , with pay. It doesn’t make sense to sit and wait for 7:00am as you can automatically socially  distance yourself by just leaving. They will look at this and other alternatives and we will discuss at the next meeting. 

 With the the big 3 auto makers shutdown I asked what impact will it have on our business and will that cause enough of a slow down to temporarily shutdown? This is the answer I received.

There is two sides to our business. Construction and automotive. Construction has a very strong pull and US is still operating and we need to supply. As far as automotive, our major customers are not showing any waver as of yet. They continue to operate a full throttle. They are extremely behind and the big 3 going down for 10 days will allow them to catch up and orders will not cease. The real threat is if the big 3  extend the shutdown beyond the date reported. 

 I also inquired about stockpiling and they assure us that there is no stockpiling at either storage location. It’s solely to relieve stock issues here at Hamilton east. 

 On another note, many have canceled vacations so there will be a revision tomorrow. 

 The monthly April membership meeting is canceled and we will resume once the international office gives us the go ahead. 

 Remember, stay calm!! It takes each one of us to do our part in this crisis. The practices that are in place at the plant are for everyone’s safe being. We will get through this with solidarity!! 

 Have a great and safe weekend! 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328