President's Message - March 23, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

With the announcement today by Premier Doug Ford with shutting down all nonessential services, the question is in everyone’s mind, will it affect us? 

 To be honest, I believe it will affect us but how, we won’t know until tomorrow

 We have a few customers that have been categorized as an essential service. Hamilton East being part of the supply chain to that business, may be deemed an essential business as well.  If we are deemed essential, it will be business as usual for most of the plant. 

 Many of our customers are US based and specifically in Michigan. The state of Michigan is currently in a lock-down order except for essential services. A couple of those businesses that are deemed to be part of the essential service are small portion of our business.  

 I believe that if we are deemed an essential service, there will be minimal affect to our work force. If we are included as nonessential service, the plant will be shutdown entirely but we will not have that answer until Doug Ford announces a list of essential and nonessential services tomorrow. 

 We did met the company today and were going to institute new measures to create social distancing. Changed work hours for certain jobs ranging from 6:30-6:30 on continuous operations and on some 8 hour jobs the shifts would be, 7:30-3:30, 3:30-11:30,11:30-7:30. In addition to that, the lunchrooms would be capped at 2 people and the cafeteria would be used as a lunch room.  All this is on hold until tomorrow’s announcement.  

 We will be meeting again at 10:00am and hope to have some information shortly after that. 

 Please stay calm and concentrate on the job!! Your family depends on you!! 

 In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328