President's Message - March 24, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good afternoon all. 

 We just met the company and received the information. 

 There will NOT be a complete plant shutdown , lay-off as of today. 

 We have had about 30% to 40% of our US customers cancel orders as I mentioned last night. 

 The Rod mill in Quebec is applying for an “Essential service” as being part of the supply chain to us. 

 We will not produce any wire products to stockpile as it’s to satisfy the customers that are still able to accept our material. 

 With this information, there will be layoffs at a minimum right now and could have more of an impact as the weeks go on. 

 The situation is extremely unpredictable to see any future in regards to how many lay-offs. 

 As of now, this is what is being cut back. 

-Shipping, 2 people 

-Holcroft Furnace- 8 people. 

-Bundle, 8 people. 

-Cleaning, 2 people

-Driving, 2 people

-Wiredrawing- 3 people. 

 Total 25 people but we are trying for some different ideas as to minimize the layoff using vacation time, preretirement vacation, removing the janitorial service and using bargaining unit, adding people to existing jobs. 

 Bumps will begin today as this will take affect as of Sunday March 29th. 

 Those that qualify for SUB pay will be set up through HR. You must have 18 months service and In receipt of EI through lay-off to qualify. 

 I will be in meetings over the next few hours but myself, Mike Hnatjuk and Jason Davey will be available to answer questions later today. 

 We will work hard to keep this to a minimum and keep people working, as well as try some different ideas as to allow those that do not want to be at work during the critical time that we need to be calm, look after yourself, your families, and your sisters and brothers at work. 

If you are a member that has been laid off there is alot of info under the Covid-19 Info tab on our website. It will answer alot of your questions and help direct you to appling for Employment Insurance Benifits.

In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328