President.s Message - March 27, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good afternoon all. 

 As I mentioned last night, here is the updated schedule and we were able to scale down the layoffs to 13 for the next schedule. 

 Here is detailed action of applying for EI with and without going on EI sick leave and what information you will need. This is the email from Peter. Thank you again brother!! 


Hey Tony'

 This info I'm sharing should help some of our members when dealing with EI right now self isolating. 

 This is 'My Understanding'  of information I received today from one agent on the phone 

 If you applied for Sick EI and are Self Isolating for 14 days you need to call 


 to have first week waived 

. *before you call you need to know your four digit EI excess code(which you get in the mail after applying)  and here's why. 

 When speaking with agent at this phone number I was asked for my SIN Number and the first two digits of my EI excess code ( I know mine I don't have to wait for mail) and after a few minutes she opened my file and had the one week waiting period waived.

Now I wait and check periodically MyServiceCanada account to see when my ROE has been received  so when it's time I can  fill out my Sick EI Report for those 14 days. 

 *if you have not opened a MyServiceCanada account yet I would suggest you do. 

 While I had this agent on the phone I gave her two different situations explaining I work in a factory with many co-workers and any information she could share would not only help me. 

 A) you applied for Sick EI and at the end of the 14 days you need to apply for Regular EI benefits because you have been laid off (shortage of work). 

 B) you applied for Sick EI and at the end of the 14 days you return to work for two weeks and than you need to apply for Regular EI because you have been laid off (shortage of work). 

 Does another ROE have to be sent into Service Canada? 

 After much conversation

' my understanding' is No and here's what I would do in either situations is call


 and talk to a agent and let them know you are now going to be filling out Regular EI Reports due to layoff (shortage of work). 

 Hopefully the information I received today is correct saving the need for another ROE to be sent to Service Canada which would cause I figure a serious delay in us receiving our money. 

 Let's keep in mind when dealing with government agencies you can ask the same question to three different agents and get three different answers but I feel from 'my experience' with EI this information should be accurate. 

Fingers crossed.  

 TIP :

When calling either of these EI phone numbers start calling right at 8:30am.

For example today it took me fives minutes of constantly calling  just to get into the queue than I waited 45 minutes to speak to a agent.. 

Not bad considering if you call at other times you could be waiting 3-4 HOURS. 

 Be well all we'll get through this. 



At the 10:00AM Covid-19 meeting, it was reported that St. Patrick’s in Montreal, our sister plant, had two positive Covid-19 tests. That is truly unfortunate and I wish a speedy recovery to the brothers in Quebec. 

 As added measures here at Hamilton East, screening will be done upon entry of the plant and truck drivers will be screened by security 24/7.  Its just another measure to reduce the risk.  JHSC have done an amazing job with pushing for all that you see!! Other plants in the ArcelorMittal chain are adopting our procedures as it seems to be the “best practice”! 

 It was brought to my attention that since we are considered an “essential service”, it would be nice to know what Our product are used for that consider us essential? 

 Here is a list of customers and what our product is used for. 

 Valley Fasteners-Wire, 1006 - Rivet’s and clamping pins for electrical components that supply’s Schneiders Electric, servicing Hospitals, Grocery stores, water treatment facilities. 

 Industrial Door Corp.- Oil Temper, Spring wire. Largest door spring and accessory manufacturer in the US. Servicing Hospitals, ambulance bays. 

 Leland inc. - CHQ wire and rod. Bin bolts. Supply’s the agricultural industry for seed storage, silos and water tanks. 

 OMG inc.- 1022 safs wire. manufactures of screw fasteners for industrial and commercial roofing. Supply’s about 70% to US  roofing for hospitals, first responders infrastructure, and grocery stores. 

 These are the 4 major customers that we fall under the supply chain as essential. Thank you Dave Hudson, Head of sales for ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada. 

 Have a great and safe weekend. 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328