President's Message - March 31, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Hi all. 

 Some changes to the Covid-19 procedure and info. 

 Screening will now be done at the guard shack. We have had many people miss the screening at the front entrance. To ensure we continue to reduce the risk. There may be a back log as the weather may play a part and you may have to enter the guard shack to complete the screening process. 

 In addition to that, oil temper, straight and cut and furnace will be allowed a half hour early relief starting Monday April 6. Your relief must be on the job to leave and shower and you must have 12 hours on your swipe, not before 6:30 am or pm. 

 As some may disagree with these measures, they are for our protection to reduce the risk of contracting the virus. Every little bit helps a lot. 

 Some may have seen or met our new Plant manager today, Isabel Martinez, she has officially taken over as of yesterday.  Isabel is very hands on and extremely health and Safety conscious, as that is her background.  She is very approachable and will be on the floor a lot!!! Please welcome her as she believes that we, the workers,  are her number one priority. 

 Now some bad news. With some late developments to crewing, the return of four people from self isolation, there will be additional layoffs at the end of the week. The schedule should be up tomorrow. 

When meeting the company today, I tabled the Federal governments new program to pay up to 75% of wages to save layoffs. They are looking into it and will have an answer in a day or two. 

 The request for people to use preretirement vacation was granted today but with parameters. It will be a case by case evaluation, if qualified it will be given in two week increments and decided every two weeks based on the needs of the company to a maximum of 7 weeks. 

 Let’s all do our part and beat this!! 

 In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328