President's Message - May 30, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

The schedule is a bit of a mess but with the recalls for next week, 14 to be exact, base jobs won’t be finalized until those postings are down on Tuesday and all the recalls are put into base jobs. 

 The recalls are not close to what the company first indicated but that’s nothing new!! They are now in “cost saving mode”!!! That means, save wherever possible no matter what!! We added 14 people and continuous 12 hours to the weekends, with mechanical as well and the company has cut the most important job any place of employment can have during a pandemic, SANITIZER!!! Sanitizing is a COVID-19 prevention and the company has now combined janitor and sanitizer in one,  on 3 shifts. 

Not what this Union and Health and Safety wanted to see!!! The floor painting walkway is going great though!!!??? Two people scheduled there? 

 The half hour early relief and staggered shower times is another COVID-19 prevention and has been revoked. I have inquired about allowing furnace operators on 12 hour shifts to continue the half hour early relief and the company is looking at it and I should have an answer tomorrow. Congestion may be an issue at day/afternoon shift change so please social distance yourselves. Did I mention the floor painting walkway is going well? 

 The company is changing practices that have been in place for years!! They are cracking down on everything!! Be aware of shift changes, breaks, speeds, wires in oil temp. Be safe!!! 

 To the senior people that elected to take preretirement vacation, I personally thank you all as 10 brothers saved people from lay-off for period of time!! Let’s hope the company does not revoke that as well???!!!

 On that note, a happy and sort of sad note.  Terry Willock, the Locals Financial Secretary started his preretirement vacation and has decided to retire!!! Terry Willock has 35 years of service and for my 33 years has been a mentor to countless people!! The guy that heads the Children’s Christmas party! The very guy that initiated one of the biggest community drives, The Backpack program that helps almost 2000 kids!! The, “GO TO GUY”! The,  “LAWYER”! A true Union man that has Union in his blood!!! An incredibly good family man, and a brother to us all!! Personally, A true friend of mine that I have looked up to from day one, as many have!! Terry, on behalf of LOCAL 5328, I wish you health and happiness and enjoy you new found freedom, but not to free as this local needs you on those special occasions!! We can’t do it without you!! Stay safe my friend! 


In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328