President's Message - November 18, 2022

Good evening members and retirees of USW Local 5328.

This past week has seen some serious issues with our plant! The furnace breakdown is troublesome as the company has installed a new charge end door and had issues with that and now has big issues with the discharge door. I have asked management if there is a plan in place for outside sourcing to keep the plant going? The response was, they are focused on getting it repaired only. I was contacted this evening by Isabel and told they have found  what they believe is the issue and will test it this evening and tomorrow. With this issue,  the company is submitting a Cap ex plan to corporate to replace the door. That is a 7-9 month process. 

 The cleaning line issues are frustrating! We had meetings with all workers involved in Processing to keep the “heart” of the plant running at all times. Well, this past week the company decided to not have demands ready, shut it down to clean up for the COO of ArcelorMittal LPC, Mattieu Francoeur to tour the mill, and a dump day?? I am just as confused as you all are!! 

 I did speak with Mattieu Francoeur and Elbia. I stressed how corporate needs to start investing in this facility and not just Ministry or city orders! It needs to be true Cap ex money! New wire drawing frames, as Montreal received, new oil temper line, a new cleaning line!! The workers at Hamilton East want to see investment for a viable future! 

 As we approach the winter months, flue season is upon us. With that, covid numbers are increasing as well as RSV viruses. The company is putting out a notice, that I have attached. If you feel you are experiencing a respiratory illness, you are asked to stay home. Upon return to work, it is mandated you wear a mask for 10 days after. Note- the company will not use respiratory sick days against any worker towards the “note program”. 

 Our next membership meeting is December 8 and is also our Union Christmas social. Food and refreshments will be available! 

 The Children's Christmas party is on December 17. Please register your children, grandchildren. This is open to active and retirees of Local 5328. 

 Have a great and safe weekend!! 

In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328