Message from WSIB Chair Rep - February 4, 2021

Brothers, Sisters and Retirees

In these uncertain times of COVID the stress of it being a contract year & the company seeming to do whatever it wants to do (cutbacks discipline and treating us in a threating manner at every turn) it seems that accidents and incidents are increasing. It is harder and harder to concentrate on the task at hand when our minds our on-job security and our general health.

 I believe that the idea of the company’s new bonus program is bogus to say the least. I can’t fathom how the idea of a health and safety initiative to make a couple bucks a week is even considered. PLEASE REPORT EACH AND EVERY INCIDENT OR ACCIDENT THAT HAPPENS IN THE MILL. Reporting does not just mean telling you foreperson. Make sure to tell coworkers and union stewards etc. the more people who know or witness what happened the better.

 If the incident or accident it serious enough for you to seek medical attention or the company sends you to urgent care or the emergency department at the hospital the chances of this becoming a WSIB claim are great. If at the hospital they deem you need light duty work, or subsequent medical attention (go see your family doctor of get some sort of therapy) then you must fill out a WSIB form 6.

 To fill out this form you can google WSIB form 6 and do an online submission. Or you could go to and follow the options to get the form 6 filled out. You can also initiate a claim your self if you think that you may need to file a claim. There are many resources at this web site which you are able to explore. You can also call the WSIB at 1-800-387-0750 and ask any questions you may have.

 Please know that I am also available to help with any questions or concerns at 905-531-9929 or [email protected]

 Geoff Oberfrank

WSIB Chair Local 5328