President's Message - March 26, 2020

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good evening all. 

 I’m sure most have received information on the layoffs. There is a preliminary schedule but there will be some shift changes and I’ll send out tomorrow. 

 Well it’s been many years since there was a lay-off at our plant and sad to see the present situation with the Covid-19 that put us here. We were able to retain an additional 5 people from yesterday’s total as some changes were made with the situation in Quebec and rod shipments coming in.  Total laid off is 20 people. As you will see on the schedule, there were jobs cut back thus causing the bumps and forcing the layoffs. 

 To those laid off, I truly feel for you all!! Many of us have been there, multiple times so we know how it feels. I would suggest you file for EI ASAP as there will be wait times. Brother Peter Sicurella has put an email together on the best way to file, how to file, who to call, and what you will need. I will forward that in a separate email. Thank you Peter for helping out!! 

 What can we do to help the ones on lay-off? If you are going to take a day off, I ask that you give as much notice as possible as even for one shift, a laid off person can come in and work. I believe you can make a certain percentage of your EI with affecting your entitlement. 

 For those working, be safe! Concentrate at all times and be aware of your surroundings.  These are extremely critical times and can be extremely stressful!! Remember, we are here to help!! Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of us. 

 On a sad note, the Local would like to send sincere condolences to our VP, John Butler on the passing of his Mom.  Stay strong my friend and know you have everyone of us to lean on! 

 Be safe my Sisters and Brothers. 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328