Health & Safety - June 18, 2020

To the management at ArcelorMittal Hamilton east. 

 I, like most of my coworkers are wondering what is going on with pathway that you have dubbed the green mile. 

 First, do you know that the green mile is a Steven King story about an inmate on death row. And the last walk he will take to the electric chair is called the green mile. 

 Although this nickname is kind of fitting as you are pushing your employees into an unsafe and dangerous position. 

 You used industrial Machine paint on the floor. All this will do is make the floor more of a slipping hazard. 

 If this walkway gets wet or oil etc. spilled on it this will make this path expedentially more dangerous. 

 I have spoken to all of my supervisors and some senior management about the Ontario law about doing this and have been assured that the path will be treated with a non slip coating. 

 I saw on the weekend that the crosswalk by 37 frame was treated with this coating and it looks like it's not going to work. 

 My question is was this just a photo op to show the higher management that you are doing something or is this path going to be finished properly? Why are you pushing employees into an unsafe situation? 

 I think this whole walkway was just an exercise in futility


Geoff Oberfrank

WSIB chair & JHSC Member local 5328