Presidents Message

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good evening all. 

 Unfortunately there are a few layoffs next week.  

 The oil temper and straight and cut  is going to 8 hours. There is no layoff from that change as the company is crewing up #2 oil temper line. We lose one on the base on straight and cut from 4 to 3 but we gain on in oil temp going from 20 to 21.  This will take affect week of Feb 28.

 With the above, the company is restructuring the supervisors.  There will be, or should be a posting as to who will supervise what areas.  

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

January 1, 1933 - December 14, 2020

Obituary from "The Hamilton Spectator"

Good Evening

I would like to thank all that donated to Erichs Cupboard toy and food drive, an incredible amount of items!!  Money collected for Hamilton Food Share was a fantastic $760.00!! That amounts to $3800 in food!! Well done!! 

 On behalf of the executive and committees, I wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, Covid free New Year!! A much deserved break!! 

 Let’s make 2021 about unity and strength! Our Union as never needed it more!! 

 In solidarity, 

Good evening all. 

 Well it’s wind down time for the Christmas holidays.  A lot different from what we are used to with Covid but it’s nice to have the time off. 

 To the brothers laid off, I hope this doesn’t last long and we get back to precovid times!! Keep your head up brothers! I hope you received your “registered letters” for recall, as stated in the CBA, 7.11 (c). 

 Retirements for next week! I would like to congratulate and wish a happy healthy retirement to, 

Gary Shrieber 

Don Baglole 

Jessie Marcellus 

John Kolodey 

Ken Kurucz 

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good evening all. 

 Retirements! Congratulations to the brothers leaving this week and early next week. 

 Radomir Bucalo , Andre Vasilisin,  Jimmy McDowall, Dave Pavlica , Neil Harris  & Vito Montecalvo 

 Health and happiness!!! 

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good evening all. 

More Retirements!! The company has agreed to allow some to leave earlier than expected so on behalf of Local 5328 I would like to congratulate and wish the brothers good health!! 

 Dennis Dalybozyk

Steve Morris 

Vito Montecalvo.

Dan Murray

In solidarity, 

Anthony Ciaramella 
USW Local 5328

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

Good evening all. 

 As we approach the start of the “transformation project”, we, unfortunately,  see some layoffs.  I’m hoping these will be reduced as the brothers start to retire.  

 As for retirements, there are four brothers that start their vacation next week on the road to retirement.   

 Congratulations and good health to, 

 Andre Vasilisin ,Joe Rulys, Neil Harris and Angelo Dortea. 

Our next membership meeting is Thursday November 12 at 5:00pm. 

 Have great and safe weekend!! 

Members and Retirees of Local 5328

As most may have heard, we have had two Covid cases. The company is trying to follow public health rules, trying!! 

 It seems, though, there are different rules and regulations for different people. The ministry has been called but as usual, it doesn’t seem to go anywhere.  Our H/S committee are working extremely diligently to make sure you are safe! Great job to the H/S committee!! 

Here is an article in todays Hamilton Spectator, click on the link.